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At this year's event Network Rail's Category and Supplier Management team and their SME Champion for the South, Jon Roan are exhibiting as part of a concerted effort to establish partnerships with the plethora of innovative SMEs attending this conference and exhibition.

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Keynote Speaker - Karen Heppenstall, Head of Rail, Midlands Connect

Relaying the track to the future for the Midlands

Rail’s role in shaping the future

Across the Midlands there are plenty of projects for industry to be involved with, Midlands Rail Hub, HS2, and freight are just some of the major headline projects for heavy rail and in light rail, there are line expansions as well as upgrades of rolling stock and technology. Listen to Karen, Head of Rail at Midlands Connect explain the opportunities.

Speaker - Andrew Pritchard, Director of Policy & Infrastructure, East Midlands Councils, Strategic Policy Advisor at Midlands Connect

This keynote will focus on the East Midlands' potential economic rise, driven by the Government's £1.5 billion funding for regional devolution. The investment aims to create jobs and opportunities through projects like extending the Nottingham Tram system and improving transport links, including a potential revival of the Maid Marion Line. This funding is expected to enhance connectivity, reduce congestion, and promote sustainable transport options, setting the stage for a promising future in the region.

Leaders Debate - ARUP - Why is rail resilience important

A discussion to gain a better common understanding of the factors that contribute to rail resilience and how these can be achieved in practice. Improving resilience increases the ability of rail systems to withstand potential threats and recover quickly from disruptive or extraordinary events.

  • Sharon Lee, Director, Arup
  • Faye Beaman, Associate Director, Arup
  • Tim Norton, Head of Rail Resilience and Response, Department for Transport

Strategic Partner - YOKOGAWA - Mark Breese, Principal Consultant Yokogawa RAP

The Evolution of Control of Work Processes

With freight and passenger numbers increasing on the UK’s railways, the need to ensure the safety of both the travelling public and workers across the railway network has never been more important.

Other industries have also had the same drive to look at safe working practices, mainly driven by their own accidents and incidents. So, a key question is whether lessons learned from those incidents can be applied to the rail industry and if so, what benefits can those lessons learned bring.

Yokogawa will present advancements in safe digital Control of Work, highlighting their applicability across diverse industries and ensuring risk assessment is at the heart of any safety process and thereby placing hazard mitigation, visibility, and communication at the forefront of safety excellence.

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Speaker - Alexandra Batey, Phase 2b Development Director, HS2

Alex is Phase 2b Development Director at HS2 who be discussing the implications and opportunities for the Midlands following the cancellation of the Manchester connection, sharing insights into the plans and potential opportunities in this context.

Leaders Debate - Midlands Rail Alliance

The Midlands Rail Alliance is a partnership between Balfour Beatty, Mott MacDonald and Skanska.

Speaker - Alison Smith, Accessibility and Inclusion Lead, GBRTT

Alison is leading the development of accessibility and inclusion strategy and policy for Great British Railways Transition Team, supporting the aims of the William Shapps plan for Rail, paving the way for a simpler, better railway for everyone in Great Britain.


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Strategic Partner - TBC

Leaders Debate - The Tech That Makes Railways Work

The railway of today is making use of what modern technology so that more trains can move safely and on time. New digital signalling systems across the railway to improve safety, efficiency, and journey experience, AI in control rooms to manage the running and spot incidents to drones monitoring the tracks ahead are all part of the jigsaw to ensure the railways meet the expectations of today.

But what about tomorrow?
What are the emerging technologies that the railways should be considering?

Here to discuss are…
  • Darren Jowett Head of Technical Policy and Strategy at Network Rail
  • Vaibhav Puri, Director of Sector Strategy and Transformation, Rail Safety & Standards Board
  • Adam Parkinson, Transport Practice Lead, Digital Catapult
Speaker - Martin Colmey, Operations Director, Central Route, Network Rail

Central Route, the heart of the railway

Martin will be discussing the challenges of operating today’s railway, our plans for the next five-year control period and what help we need in the future to deliver for passengers and freight users

Keynote Speaker - Toby Rackliff, Strategic Lead, Rail Policy, West Midlands Rail Executive

WMRE are principally responsible for the upgrade of train stations and building of new ones on behalf of Transport for West Midlands and other partners to support improvements for passenger and freight train services and, plan future network improvements in the region.

Leaders Debate - Tackling Climate Change

Of late the UK has seen back-to-back storms which has impacted travel including trains. As an industry we collectively have a duty to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Whilst rail is seen as the cleanest of travel modes, there is still much to be done to ensure net zero emissions are met. Technology can help achieve net zero emissions but how does the rail industry tackle the effects of the changing climate? Heavy rainfall, extreme heat can all damage the railway infrastructure. Network Rail published Weather Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation (WRCCA) plans to cover the period 2019-2024, with the recent weather changes, do these plans need updating?

Here to discuss how the railway tackles climate change are:

  • George Davies, Director of Sustainability, RSSB 
  • Laura Harding, Head of Corporate Sustainability at HS2 (invited)
  • Francesca De Petris Sustainability Manager, Midland Metro Alliance (invited)
  • Tom Gunton, Environment & Sustainability Manager, East Midlands Railway (invited)
Speaker - Richard Mann, Rail Strategy Lead Midlands Connect

Connecting Cities – Rail Strategy in the Midlands

How do we improve transport to make the Midlands fairer, greener and stronger? What is stopping cities from delivering higher-productivity jobs? Where can we improve links between cities to help drive economic growth? How should we electrify trains to deliver on net zero by 2050, and how do we get more freight on the railway and off the roads? Hear about how Midlands Connect proposes to address these issues, and help set out an agenda for the new government.

Keynote Speaker - Jon Fox, Regional Partnerships Director, GBRTT

Jon is the Regional Partnerships Director at GBRTT .Jon will discuss the challenges and the importance of strong collaborations in delivering a reformed and interconnected railway. With a focus on working closely with partners like the West Midlands Rail Executive, Jon explores the vision of GBRTT for future regional partnerships. The talk emphasizes tailored collaborations to align with the region's ambitions and highlights working with Midlands Connect and broader regional opportunities for the industry.


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